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Whether you are new to our team, or a long time team member, we invite you to learn more about our company, our brand purpose, our core values and the many ways we work as #OneTeam to help people triumph.

Our Company


We’re a diversified financial service company providing community banking, national lending and commercial finance solutions. We are a leading provider of factoring services and innovator of payment solutions for the transportation industry.

Our focus on creating value helps our team members thrive, our customers succeed and our communities prosper.

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Our Purpose


Five Brands, One Purpose: Helping People Triumph

Being a member of the Triumph team means we go to work every day for a purpose greater than ourselves. Being a member of the Triumph team means we are on a mission to create something exceptional, together. Because at Triumph, we may be five distinct brands, but we share one common purpose: Helping People Triumph.

Our Core Values


Our long-standing core values are based on sound business practices and biblical principles. They are strong, simple and uniquely Triumph. They flourish in our culture which helps our team members thrive, our customers succeed and our communities prosper.


$235.6 million
Branches 2 total
Team 30 members

At the end of 2010, Triumph acquired EJ Financial and its banking subsidiary, Equity Bank. This led to the formation of Triumph Bancorp and Triumph Savings Bank and kicked off a decade of success.

Assets $252.5 million
Branches 2 total
Team 32 members

After a very successful year, Triumph spent the next twelve months of 2011 planning for the future and cleaning up their assets to prepare for the next decade of rapid growth.

Assets $301.5 million
Branches 2 total
Team 109 members

In 2012, we officially moved to our current headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This year was filled with new adventures starting with acquiring a leading transportation factoring company, Advance Business Capital, which later became known as Triumph Business Capital. By the fall, we had introduced two new members of the Triumph group, Triumph Commercial Finance and Triumph Capital Advisors.

Assets $301.5 million
Branches 19 total
Team 453 members

2013 was a big year for our business as we acquired THE National Bank in the Midwest. For our team members, we kicked off our annual trip to El Salvador with Living Water International and introduced our Texas-style BBQ trailer, The Money Pit. We were honored to close another great year with a new title from the Dallas Business Journal- one of the Best Places to Work.

Assets $1.4 billion
Branches 18 total
Team 453 members

We continued to grow in 2014 when we acquired Doral Healthcare Finance, which was later rebranded as Triumph Healthcare Finance, and launched Triumph Insurance Group. By the fall, we had completed the IPO process and were listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol TBK.

Assets $1.7 billion
Branches 19 total
Team 525 members

Halfway through the decade, our successes were recognized by the Dallas Business Journal and we were named one DFW’s fastest growing mid-sized companies. We continued to expand by launching our premium finance solutions provider, Triumph Premium Finance. And by the end of the year, we merged our two banks, forming TBK Bank, SSB.

Assets $2.6 billion
Branches 37 total
Team 730 members

2016 brought on even more growth with new acquisitions — ColoEast Bankshares, Inc. and its community banking subsidiary, Colorado East Bank & Trust and Southern Transportation Insurance Agency.

Assets $3.5 billion
Branches 51 total
Team 855 members

In 2017, our TBK Bank branch footprint grew even bigger with the acquisition of Valley Bank & Trust and 9 branches from Independent Bank. We also made the strategic decision to sell Triumph Capital Advisors.

Assets $4.6 billion
Branches 61 total
Team 1155 members

By 2018, we sold Triumph Healthcare Finance to CNH Finance and Triumph Business Capital acquired Interstate Capital Corporation. We expanded our presence in Colorado with the purchase of First National Bank of Durango and Citizens Bank of Pagosa Springs. We also entered New Mexico with the acquisition of Bank of New Mexico. We ended the year by christening the most ‘epic’ BBQ trailer yet, able to serve more Texas-style BBQ to our friends, customers and team members throughout our communities and our footprint.

Assets $5.1 billion
Branches 61 total
Team 1107 members

The year 2019 was a difficult one in many respects, but a successful one in others. We focused on credit discipline, core deposits and operating efficiency to drive greater value in our community bank platform. We also dedicated resources to transforming our transportation fintech platform at Triumph Business Capital and TriumphPay.

Assets $5.9 billion
Branches 63 total
Team 1216 members

Despite the challenges our world is facing in 2020, we continued to work toward our goals. Triumph Business Capital started the summer by acquiring transportation factoring assets from Transport Financial Solutions and we sold Triumph Premium Finance to Peoples Bank. During the same month, we celebrated the grand opening of our first TBK Bank full-service retail branch in Dallas, and we ended the summer on a high note after being named one of the Fortune 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.

We are five brands with one purpose: Helping People Triumph.

With a robust combination of service and solutions in banking, commercial finance and business capital, along with the latest in financial technology solutions, we work to help people achieve a better financial life.

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Triumph Cross


The crosshair within our logo was designed to represent ‘taking aim’ at where we are going, creating long-term value as we look out into the future.


As #OneTeam, we are all in the business of helping people triumph. Our mission is to work together as one team across our organization to help our team members, customers and communities achieve a better financial life. We want our team members to share in our sense of pride knowing that every single person plays a vital role in our organization. It’s been the recipe for our success for over a decade. And we know that when we continue to work together as one team, we are helping people triumph.

Our Philanthropical Roots Run Deep

At Triumph, our mission is more than money. We focus on doing the most good in the areas of greatest need through our philanthropic endeavors. When we make our communities around us better, we all Triumph.
Our philanthropic vision is focused in four areas:
Training future leadersTraining future leaders Serving 
the less fortunateEstablishing viable communities Serving 
the less fortunate Serving the less fortunate Giving people a second chance Giving people a second chance
Since 2018, our team members reported 23,500  volunteer hours across our footprint.
We support these initiatives in our communities and around the world. We partner with entrepreneurs who share our philanthropic priorities, have a history of effective assistance programs, and are experts in their fields of service. This allows us to do the most good in the areas of the greatest need.

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Our Purpose

Driven by You


We encourage you to share your team member story with us! How did your team work as #OneTeam to help a new prospect, customer, community or one another?

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